Welcome to our CPD hub.  The Learning Alliance is dedicated to fostering continuous professional development. Our primary focus is on enhancing curriculum development and promoting quality first teaching. We want to use The Learning Institute to share best practice and offer a range of high-quality CPD materials across the Trust.


Here is a snapshot of some of our current resources:

Teaching WalkThrus are a selection of 150 evidence based teaching strategies rooted in a deep understanding of how learning works. Each WalkThru breaks teaching techniques down into five clear steps. Each WalkThru is not a set of rigid rules but a framework for establishing shared understanding of common techniques.  The WalkThrus are grouped together, linked by connected pedagogical topics. 

A Walkthru Case Study:

One pathway the English Department at Knutsford have recently taken is to explore Worked Examples and Backward Fading. We explored the definition of Backward Facing to be 'gradually removing the later steps in a multi-step problem' (Atkinson et al, 2003) and thought that it would benefit our upper ability students in KS4 and KS5 in their approach to extended answers.

The five-step process begins with introducing a question and exploring the problem on the board, producing a model answer, talking through what you are doing as you write. This step is repeated, where often we would have in the past moved the students own response. Step 3 develops into a partially answered model that the students complete. This allows for us to check for errors or misunderstandings. The students then are given prompts and finally, at Step 5, no scaffolds are used as they complete the work independently.

Each member of staff who trialled this Walkthru used the ADAPT template to adjust for our cohorts. We felt that the metacognitive talk that it generated demystified the pressure students faced when approaching essay responses and will continue to work on the integration of this strategy.

BlueSky Learning Modules are an online library of CPD, exploring pedagogy and classroom strategies for maximising knowledge gains, developing literacy, assessment, behaviour for learning, pastoral support and care, leadership development, SEND and many more.  Just login to your dashboard and then click the link to Bluesky Learning to find your module.