Ofsted Praises The Oaks Academy for Journey of Improvement in its Best Ever Judgement 

Students and staff at The Oaks Academy are celebrating after receiving the best Ofsted result they have ever had. 

The Oaks Academy was rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted in all areas in its first inspection since it joined the trust. The excellent report, which followed an inspection on 16th and 17th April, praised school and trust leaders for improvements made to the quality of education, the learning environment and pupil outcomes. 

The school is thrilled Ofsted recognised the steps which have been taken to set the school onto a pathway of improvement. In particular, inspectors emphasised the school has “high aspirations for all pupils”, who “enjoy” attending school. The school has created “warm and respectful” relationships and “skilfully” delivered the curriculum, fostering a positive learning environment in which pupils thrive. 

Other positive insights from the report include: 
•    “The school and the trust have taken decisive action to transform the experience of pupils.”
•    The extra-curricular offer is exemplary, with wide-ranging clubs including football, badminton, young interpreters club, politics club, debating, Duke of Edinburgh, and a range of student-led groups. 
•    “The new curriculum seeks to inspire pupils to aim high and enables them to achieve well.”
•    Teachers have “effective training” supporting their “strong subject knowledge” and excellent delivery of the curriculum. 
•    The curriculum was highlighted for seeking to “inspire pupils to aim high” and enabling students to “aim high”. 
•    “The school quickly identifies the additional needs of pupils with SEND”. 
•    Reading is a “priority”; the school promotes reading across the curriculum and sets out time for group reading which improves “pupils’ confidence in reading”. 
•    “Staff teach pupils how to behave well and pupils have risen to the high expectations now in place.”
•    “There is a strong pastoral system that supports pupils’ well-being.”
•    The personal development programme is “well-designed” and pupils are taught to “be the best versions of themselves”. 
•    “Leaders, trustees and members of the local governing body carry out their roles effectively. They have a clear, ambitious vision for the school.”
•    “Staff work successfully to help pupils to come to school regularly.”

Peter Kingdom, Headteacher at The Oaks Academy, said: “I am so proud of the outcome of this Ofsted report, which reflects the hard work we have been undertaking to transform our school and turn it into a central pillar of our community. I was particularly pleased that Ofsted recognised we have high aspirations for every single one of our pupils, who aim high, and we are committed to creating an environment where they can thrive.”
“I want to thank all of my colleagues at Oaks Academy at The Learning Partnership for their continued commitment to improving our school so that our students can have an excellent learning experience that sets them up well for their futures.”  

Dan Thomas, CEO of The Learning Partnership, said: “This brilliant report is a testament to the dedication and hard work of all staff at The Oaks Academy. In particular, I want to say a huge thank you and congratulations to Peter Kingdom, who has led the school through this transformation and has been pivotal to its success, and the school governors for their contributions to this landmark result.
“As a Trust, we look forward to continuing to support the school as it continues its journey of improvement to deliver the very best education for pupils in our community.”

To read the full Ofsted Report please click on the document below:

The Oaks Academy Ofsted Report April 2024

Updated: 17/05/2024 180 KB

To learn more about The Oaks Academy's journey to 'Good' please visit their website.