We know that it is the people who make an organisation thrive. We want to attract and invest in the very best individuals who can deliver the best outcomes for our pupils. This means becoming the employer of choice in the region. To achieve this, we know that we need to invest in our people, provide excellent professional development, and nurture an environment that prioritises the wellbeing and mental health of our staff.

Career Development: The Learning Institute

We know that staff in the education sector highly value workplaces that provide them with continued professional development. That is why we have invested in our people to support their development and offer a range of professional qualifications and secondment opportunities through our continuous professional development arm: The Learning Institute. These opportunities support our staff’s development, whether they aspire to move into leadership roles or whether they want to develop and consolidate their skillset in order to maximise their output in the classroom and wish to do their job as effectively as possible. We know that keeping good teachers in the classroom is vitally important to ensuring our pupils succeed and that is why we place such high value on training and professional development. Most of our training is delivered at our dedicated training suite based at Knutsford Academy. Here we deliver numerous programmes, including a range of National Professional Qualifications (NPQs). We work through The Learning Institute to ensure greater collaboration across all our schools. This includes supporting colleagues through providing regular networking opportunities, sharing best practice across schools, and reducing workload by working collectively and collaboratively.

Health & Wellbeing

We are dedicated to promoting and improving the mental health and wellbeing of our staff through our commitment to the Education Staff Wellbeing Charter, effective performance management processes, and professional development opportunities available to staff across all trust schools. We provide access to a suite of resources to empower our staff and we foster a culture that protects and enhances the wellbeing of our people, including an employee assistant programme, information services to support financial wellbeing, technology benefits, cycle2work schemes, as well as a range of discounts across the travel, hospitality and retail sectors.