The Learning Partnership works as a Lead Partner, with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) to deliver a high quality teacher-training programme . Knutsford Academy is the Lead School for this programme and we are complemented and supported by schools within our Trust and other leading schools in the region for additional home school and alternative placements.

Our goal is to ensure your readiness for classroom challenges and to equip you with the necessary skills to positively impact students in the schools where you'll be training. Through collaborative efforts, we aim to achieve excellence in teaching and learning by providing continuous professional development opportunities.

Liverpool John Moores University and Teacher Training at Knutsford are united in a shared vision of education, rooted in both research and practical expertise. This vision is driven by a collective passion to nurture and empower you into becoming an outstanding and inspiring educator, highly sought-after in the field.

Our aim is to cultivate not only your teaching prowess but also your leadership skills, ensuring your success in the teaching profession.


Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)

Our leading edge provision leads to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) which is developed and assessed through the teaching experience at the trainee’s home school and supplemented by the alternate placement. Formal and informal feedback on teaching is provided regularly, and support is provided in tracking progress and designing lessons.

Postgraduate Certificate in Education

The award of Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) is combined with the award of a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). Some school-based courses do not offer the Postgraduate Certificate in Education element, relying solely on the award of QTS. We believe that the PGCE is a critical element of the course since an understanding and application of educational theory, combined with practical experience and understanding, can accelerate learning as well as, of course, the professional development of a trainee. We are very aware that we are developing educational leaders for the future and wish to equip our trainees with the foundation to achieve excellence and the potential for progression.

Small Group Tutorials & Support

LJMU Liaison Tutors support trainee development throughout the year. In each school, trainees benefit from the support from a Professional Mentor and a Subject Mentor, who provide personalised and bespoke feedback and support for improvement. Subject Pedagogy tutorials take place online and at LJMU as part of the Professional Studies Programme.

School & University Experience in a School

Teacher Training @ Knutsford is a combination of school based teaching experience with a university-facilitated professional studies programme delivered through The Learning Partnership rather than at the University itself. This is, in many ways, beneficial to our trainees since University lecturers and school–based leaders and specialists deliver side by side, enabling trainees to hear about current practice in schools, and underpinning practice with educational theory. The Professional Studies lecture and seminar programme delivered within TLP is the core part of the PGCE element of our programme. Our training programme develops outstanding and inspirational teachers with an in-depth knowledge and understanding in delivering excellence in teaching and learning.

Our Partnership, Qualifications & Financial Bursaries

Our partnership with schools across South Manchester and Cheshire offers the flexibility to train in schools in a number of locations. Bursaries of up to £24,000 (subject dependent) are available dependent on  degree classification.  This is a year long programme that leads to the qualification of a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).


We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you would like to be part of our programme.  If you would like further information, please contact