The Behaviour and SEND strategies are closely related and colleagues have been working collaboratively to build our capacity to support staff in the effective diagnosis of need.

We are also working closely with the Local authority to ensure our schools understand how to access the support students need for their emotional wellbeing.  

Led by  Kathy Lord
Priority Objective
To support schools in embedding the TLP Behaviour Principles and Expectations. To ensure that school Behaviour Policies align with the TLP Principles and Expectations (these can be found in Appendix 1) and that leaders are supported in embedding in practice. 
To provide bespoke behaviour support for groups of (and individual) vulnerable pupils and families, where need is identified.  Enhance behaviour support services for vulnerable pupils and their families by identifying specific needs and providing tailored interventions, fostering a safe and supportive learning environment.
To develop a Trust approach (and support individual schools’ adoption of) a common approach to supporting the social, emotional and mental health of pupils. To establish a comprehensive framework for enhancing the social, emotional, and mental well-being of students within the Trust by developing a standardized approach and providing tailored support to individual schools for effective adoption of these practices.